Fulfilling Our Mission

Missions is one of Hope Church’s most important ministries.  We endeavor to support as many missionaries and ministries we can, both abroad as well as within our own borders.  Our goal is not only to give financially to missions, but also to serve in whatever capacity we can via projects and missions trips.  Members of our church have served and ministered in India, Colombia, Haiti, El Salvador and Nepal to name a few, as well as several communities in Wisconsin and the United States.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations...

Matthew 28:19

Our Vision

Our vision  as Christ-followers is to love God with everything and do everything you can to influence others, both at home and abroad, for Jesus!

Hope Code

  • We do all we can to influence others for Jesus
Our individual lifestyles, in both word and deed show Jesus in us and His love for those around us.
  • We are Holy Spirit led
God is always with us, desiring to direct our steps in order to lead us into the most full life possible. He speaks to us through the written Word of God, visions, dreams and the nine Gifts of the Spirit.  They are found in 1 Corinthians 12:1-17 and Joel 12:28. We endeavor to allow the Spirit to speak through all of these ways according to His will.
  • We do life together
Authentic friendships are a key to healthy community. Our goal is to build ongoing relationships with as many as we can and include those around us in our church family. We attempt to be transparent and real. We know we can't share everything with all, but can share everything with some.
  • We are committed to ongoing growth
At Hope Church, spiritual growth is achieved by continuing education in God's Word through preaching, teaching and groups that give us  not only intellectual knowledge but practical applications for Christian living. 
  • We strive for outrageous giving
Our goal is to live a lifestyle of sacrificial giving for the sake of our church, our community and our world through faithful service and financial contributions according to scriptural direction and the leading of the Holy Spirit.