We're so happy to have you as our guest.  With the following list we want to give you some ideas as to how to proceed in your journey with Jesus and with Hope Church.

  • The very most important thing is to begin a relationship with Jesus. If you have not already done so, today is your day! Just go to https://hopechurchappleton.snappages.site/find-jesus
  • Next, getting connected is key. There are many ways to get connected in community at Hope Church to build relationships and learn about and serve Jesus together.
    • We have LIFE Groups where you can meet with a small group of people at various venues and times. We have two semesters per year. A LIFE Group is an excellent opportunity to find friends with whom you can "do life." https://hopechurchappleton.snappages.site/life-groups  
    • We have various age and gender based communities. Some examples are Synergy for our youth and our Women's Group for the ladies.
    • Next there are areas in which you can volunteer, from cleaning to missions outreaches.

We hope you can find your place, here at Hope Church