What’s it like walking in the doors of Hope Church?  First, it is our custom to greet you at the door.  We like to introduce ourselves to you and have an opportunity to meet you, as well.  If you have children with you, we will let you know where the nursery and the Kids Church rooms are.

For added security the doors of Suite B and Suite E are locked five minutes after the start of service. Please ring the doorbell for admittance.

In the foyer there is a Welcome Center.  It is there you can get more information about our church and receive a Welcome Packet with a gift for you.

We mostly wear casual clothes, often jeans, but you might see a suit or more business-like attire.  That is totally up to you.  Come dressed as you want.

Don’t forget to get a cup of coffee while you are waiting for the service to start.  By the way, taking it into the sanctuary is okay, too.

Our worship service consists of a worship time, of singing praises to the Lord.  This is normally followed by a message from our Lead Pastor, but sometimes from one of our staff pastors or other guest speakers.  Most of the time we give an opportunity to respond to what was shared by coming to the altar to pray with a leader or by yourself.  On the fourth Sunday of the month, we celebrate Jesus' death for us with the Lord’s Supper (Communion) sometime during the service.

We hope this has answered your questions.  If not, feel free to email us.  Hope to see you soon!  mailto:hopechurch@hopechurchag.org